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Daily Prompt: Mountaintops and Valleys

Today’s daily prompt is called Mountaintops and Valleys and it asks;

Describe a time when you quickly switched from feeling at the top of the world to sinking all the way down (or vice versa). Did you learn anything about yourself in the process?

This sounds exactly like the feeling football (don’t call it soccer) creates as the goals go flying in. One second your side is winning and you are over the moon, the next they are conceding an equaliser and the nerves set in as they keep pushing for a winner and then BAM! Last minute winner and you just wish the world would open you up and swallow you whole.

What did I learn from it all? That football gods are fickle and spiteful.



Daily Prompt: From the Top

Today’s daily prompt is called From the Top and it asks;

If you had the chance to be reborn, would you choose to return as your present self, or would opt for a fresh start? Tell us about what motivates your choice.

This questions leaves out one very important detail. Do I get to keep my memories? If I do I could do so many things differently that I could make my life super amazingly awesome and undo a lot of the mistakes I’ve made.

If I don’t get to keep my memories then what’s the point? Seriously reliving a life you have already lived exactly as you lived it the first time? How boring and unimaginative is that!

With this fresh start do I get to pick what kind of fresh start it is? Do I get to pick who I would be or where I would be born? Or am I going in blind?

If I’m going in blind and don’t know of the details why would I do that? My life my not be perfect but it could be a hell of a lot worse. In fact the odds of my fresh being an upgrade on my current position are slim, the chances of them remaining the same even are slim. I’m more likely to receive a massive downgrade from such a deal.

Seriously what a stupid prompt! There’s no way to win with this. Relive my life again exactly the same way or gamble and most likely receive a downgrade in quality of life.

No deal.


Daily Prompt: These Horns Were Made for Tooting

Yesterday’s daily prompt was called These Horns Were Made for Tooting and it asked;

Today, share something you love about yourself  — don’t be shy, be confident! — but that few other people know about you or get to see very often.

Only one thing? There are oh so many things I love about myself and I have to pick just one? That seems a bit harsh.

My staggering ability to be lazy and find all kinds of to avoid answering a prompt or question properly comes to mind here. That said I think quite a few people are aware of that one.

How about my modesty which means that I don’t need to toot my own horn?  Yeah let’s go with that.


Daily Prompt: No Cliffhangers

Today’s daily prompt is called No Cliffhangers and it asks;

Write a post about the topic of your choice, in whatever style you want, but make sure to end it with “…and all was well with the world.”

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Daily Prompt: The Fun Platform

Today’s daily prompt is called The Fun Platform and it asks;

If you were the new leader of your country and had the chance to transform something that’s currently an annoyance (or worse) into a very fun activity, what would it be? How would you go about the change, and why would you choose that particular thing?

Only one thing? Well that’s annoying. There are lots of things that annoy me. In fact I have a whole section dedicated to the things that annoy me in life called Things that vex me. And yes that is shameless promotion.

How about stupid things like this because they make me realise just how many oh so annoying things there are in the world. Or how about because they make me realise how great a leader I could and would be if given the chance and how I could and would make the world a much much better place but it’ll never happen.

Also fun is highly subjective. I’m British we like the occasional annoying thing because it gives us something to moan about. It’s a national hobby, how dare you try to deprive us of it.


Daily Prompt: Daily Ritual

Today’s daily prompt is called Daily Ritual and it asks;

Think about your day. Select one of your daily rituals and explain it to us: why do you do what you do? How did you come to adopt this ritual? What happens on days when you can’t perform it?

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Daily Prompt: Handwritten

Today’s daily prompt is called Handwritten and it asks;

When was the last time you wrote something by hand? What was it?

I write most things by hand. The only things I don’t write by hand our the daily prompt and my log entries. Oh and sometimes the answers to my writing prompts but that depends on whether it’s a long or short answer. Short answers I just type but the long ones that turn into stories are at least started/drafted by hand.

Everything else I handwrite. Or at least start writing by hand or do a rough draft that I fix up as I type. I find it easier to write by hand than just type straight away. Too many distractions about online.


Daily Prompt: Worlds Colliding

Today’s daily prompt is called Worlds Colliding and it asks;

Take two main characters from two different books (either fiction or nonfiction) and introduce them to, or have them meet, each other. What would happen next? Continue reading Daily Prompt: Worlds Colliding

Daily Prompt: Retrospectively Funny

Today’s daily prompt is called Retrospectively Funny and it asks;

Tell us about a situation that was not funny at all while it was happening, but that you now laugh about whenever you remember it.

None, such situations only bring up memories of shame, embarrassment, and disappointment.

Who looks back at old things like that thinks they are funny? Surely it brings back all those horrible haunting memories, the kind that keep you awake at night.

Or is that just me?