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Some pictures from the desert zone at Kew Gardens

As promised more photos of flowers, this time from the desert zone in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, and yes it was bloody hot in there just like an actual desert. Continue reading Some pictures from the desert zone at Kew Gardens


Going to Kew Gardens tomorrow!

As the title says I’m going to Kew Gardens tomorrow (weather permitting because this is England after all)!

I talked about it in my Around the World Sightseeing Tour stop 13 (check it out here) and I’m really excited. Yes I was meant to go earlier but you know how life has that horrible habit of throwing up random events that force you to change your plans at the last-minute. Plus the aforementioned English weather.

I’ve got my camera on charge ready to take lots of pictures which I’ll upload over the weekend along with a post talking about how, fingers crossed, the day was so check back for that.