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Something I wish I could do

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Disappear.

How nice would it be to just disappear?

I’m not talking about disappearing in a being able to turn invisible kinda sense, although that would be a very nice skill/ability to have.

No I mean fall off the grid kinda disappear. No stress, No worry, No responsibility. No government or Big Brother monitoring everything you do. Total freedom.

Just imagine it, a nice little island somewhere, away from prying eyes. A lovely little cottage and some farm land so that you can grow crops, hunt and fish. Take a large selection of books with you. Truly a blissful life.

Instead here in the UK you have no hope of disappearing. Everything you do is tracked and monitored. There are CCTV cameras everywhere. They keep tabs on what you say to make sure you don’t commit a thought crime, they are going to start blocking and banning websites and require you to show your passport or driving license to get a 16 digit code that you enter to access them.

I don’t believe for a minute it’s just porn sites in case anyone is going to say “but it’s only for porn sites because think of the children”. No. Bad person saying that. Don’t be an idiot. It’ll start that way, but once they can block those sites it’ll morph into “adult content” which will never be defined to allow it to cover anything they want. Dangerous and offensive ideas and speech, again though what does that mean?

Once you ban or block one thing, it becomes a lot easier to start banning and blocking others.

This is probably setting off all the red flags with the Spooks. I’ll be added to a special list and before long I’ll be in a re-education centre.

This has got very political but this actually terrifies me. This is important. All you have to do is pause for a second, take a look at it and you can see from a mile off where this is heading. Why? Because this is the way it always go. They always say they are doing it with these good and wonderful reasons, because it’s moral, because it’s right, because think of the children. Just remember; “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

How I wish I could just disappear and escape this madness.

Something I don’t have

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Patience.

I don’t have much, if any, patience.

If I am going to do something, I am going to do it. I’ve already thought about it, debated it in my mind, planned out what I want to do and how, so now I just want to do it.

There is nothing worse than trying to walk somewhere only to be stuck behind someone walking slowly or blocked by someone in a doorway, narrow corridor or path, as they stand around chatting. Get out-of-the-way!

The thing that keeps me up at night

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Awkward.

As the title of this post says. This is the thing that keeps me up at night.

Specifically it’s the memories of all the awkward and stupid things that have happened to me in my life or that I’ve done in my life.

Sadly that is a list a lot longer that I’m willing to admit to. And yes that includes even myself.

I can go years without remembering some of these instances but in those moments when I’m alone and everything is quiet, or just as I am about to drift off to sleep, BAM! There they are. Playing over and over again in my head.

It’s like one of the worst kinds of torture imaginable because there is nothing you can do. You know what is about to happen, you know the cringe you are about to inflict upon yourself or the opportunity you are about to miss, and you just have to watch it happen and know that it happened.

I shudder just thinking about some of them while others make me feel sick.

I hate this prompt so I’m leaving it here. It’s already forced me to remember things I’d rather not remember.

And yes I know I didn’t actually share any of those memories. What do you think I am? Mad? I’m taking them to the grave.

One of the things I hate most

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Inefficient.

Inefficient, a word that describes every politician and their policies and ideas.

In fact you know what, let’s take it a step further. The whole political and bureaucratic system here in the UK is inefficient.

It is the mother of all inefficiency. Every piece of inefficiency in the world was dreamt up and created by the political and bureaucratic system of the UK.

The only thing that they are efficient with is delivering inefficiency and dreaming up new methods of being inefficient.

It’s hard to imagine how it could be any more inefficient.

Any attempts to improve it, to make it more efficient, to make it more modern and streamlined end up getting nowhere because they are met by a wall of inefficiency and end up getting lost in the system.

I think they love it. They get a sense of joy out of it. They love being able to tell you that you have to jump through all these hoops, fill in all this stupid paperwork, spend years of your life complying with it all, only to be told at the end that you mind a tiny error somewhere along the line and now you will have to start all over again.


My response to the Daily Prompt titled Genie.

Something I’d love to have but hate to be.

Can you imagine how awful it would be to be a genie? Trapped in that little lamp? Only being let out to grant some selfish pricks wishes whenever they want them fulfilled. Oh and then once they’ve used up all their wishes, they just leave you in that lamp until the next prick discovers you and wants to use you. No thank you.

But if I had a genie. If I was that selfish prick. I could make some real changes to the world and I don’t buy into that be careful what you wish for crap. All that will happen is life will be more interesting.

To boldly go

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Explore.

There’s a sentiment about our time period that I’ve seen floating around the internet that reflects nicely my feelings on the topic of explore.

“Born to late to explore the Earth. Born too soon to explore space.”

I may have modified it slightly, but you get the point.

The Earth has by and large been explored. There’s no, we’ve just found a new continent or society or civilisation or anything like that. Imagine how amazing it must have been to discover that there’s a whole new continent, with people’s and societies and ways of life, that you never knew about. All those new things to learn and discover. It must have been a really exciting time.

Sure we still get the occasional  new discovery in the jungles and the like, new plant or animal species, maybe some undiscovered ancient ruins, but it doesn’t have the wow factor of discovering a whole new continent.

So we can’t explore the Earth and space travel still looks to be some way off so we can’t explore that either. Annoyingly we are stuck in between the two.

Is laughter the best medicine?

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Laughter.

They say laughter is the best medicine. My question is, the best medicine for what?

Different illnesses require different medicine. I don’t see how laughter would help with the issues of broken ribs. A collapsed lung. An asthma attack. Cardiac arrest. A broken leg. A rash. A cut. Herpes. The list goes on really.

So what is laughter the best medicine for? Simple painkillers seem like they would help with more of those issues than laughter.

Throwing a tantrum

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Tantrum.

Tantrum. The thing that Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has been throwing all season and the thing that ruined our season.

Yes we know, you weren’t happy with the board and the lack of the signings they made, but you should have got on with the job, you still had some good players in your team.

Never had a mentor

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Mentor.

I have never had a mentor and I don’t know anyone who has.

It’s one of those things you hear people talking in TV shows and films, how one character was a mentor or teacher for another, or in the media by politicians and those types, how they want to set up mentoring programs or encourage mentoring.

But nope. Not real life.

It’s just a hollow talking point to spin some good PR.