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Something I wish I could do

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Disappear.

How nice would it be to just disappear?

I’m not talking about disappearing in a being able to turn invisible kinda sense, although that would be a very nice skill/ability to have.

No I mean fall off the grid kinda disappear. No stress, No worry, No responsibility. No government or Big Brother monitoring everything you do. Total freedom.

Just imagine it, a nice little island somewhere, away from prying eyes. A lovely little cottage and some farm land so that you can grow crops, hunt and fish. Take a large selection of books with you. Truly a blissful life.

Instead here in the UK you have no hope of disappearing. Everything you do is tracked and monitored. There are CCTV cameras everywhere. They keep tabs on what you say to make sure you don’t commit a thought crime, they are going to start blocking and banning websites and require you to show your passport or driving license to get a 16 digit code that you enter to access them.

I don’t believe for a minute it’s just porn sites in case anyone is going to say “but it’s only for porn sites because think of the children”. No. Bad person saying that. Don’t be an idiot. It’ll start that way, but once they can block those sites it’ll morph into “adult content” which will never be defined to allow it to cover anything they want. Dangerous and offensive ideas and speech, again though what does that mean?

Once you ban or block one thing, it becomes a lot easier to start banning and blocking others.

This is probably setting off all the red flags with the Spooks. I’ll be added to a special list and before long I’ll be in a re-education centre.

This has got very political but this actually terrifies me. This is important. All you have to do is pause for a second, take a look at it and you can see from a mile off where this is heading. Why? Because this is the way it always go. They always say they are doing it with these good and wonderful reasons, because it’s moral, because it’s right, because think of the children. Just remember; “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”.

How I wish I could just disappear and escape this madness.


[Weird News] Are aliens upset about Brexit?

Britain is finally getting a referendum on EU membership

It’s finally official, Britain is getting its referendum on whether or not to remain a member of the European Union.

I’ll be honest there has been a part of me half expecting David Cameron and/or the EU to find some way to weasel out of it. We all know what politicians and bureaucrats are like.

There’s a part of me that also thinks that even if the British people do vote for Brexit (I already hate that term and the campaigning has only just started) then the EU won’t allow Britain to leave. They’ll find rule or regulation or piece of legislation that means Britain can’t leave, or can’t leave without jumping through a series of hoops or completing a series of impossible tasks. Perhaps having to make a large payment to make up for the revenue lost from Britain leaving. Hopefully I’m wrong but it’s a niggling feeling I have. I don’t have much faith in politics.

As for where I stand on the issue, I’m leaning towards no, that is to say I’m in favour of an exit. The EU has become too big and too unwieldy , stuffed full of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats, ignoring the wishes of ordinary citizens.

I think the EU needs Britain and a few other countries to leave in order to bring about some long overdue reform because the EU seems very unwilling to do so otherwise. Some accountability and transparency should be top of the reform list.

Also let’s not forget that Britain never actually signed up to join a political union. What Britain signed up to was an economic trade union, one that slowly turned into a political union, taking more and more power as it expanded over the years.

Over the coming months, as the debate grows and the campaigning goes on, I’ll add my thoughts on the issue.

Also feel free to let me know what way you are leaning and why.