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Went to Kew Gardens last week

OK so I’m a bit late with this but better late than never, the other Thursday I did go to Kew Gardens like I said I was planning to and I had a great time.

Over the course of the day we took over 400 photo’s (I think it was 430 something if you want a precise number for some reason) so expect a lot of photos over the coming days. What I’ve decided to do, because there are so many photo’s, is to break them up into smaller posts so one will be all the photo’s of the pagoda another will be all the photo’s from a particular greenhouse etc. It feels neater and more organised that way.

For now here’s a recap of my day.

I spent most of the day going around two of the giant greenhouses which do have names but I can’t remember right now, one of them had something to do with Princess Diana I think, because I didn’t get to go in them last time I went and bloody hell were they hot inside. Now I know what you are thinking, of course they were hot inside, they’re greenhouses, that’s the point and you’re right but still.

The brilliant thing is inside it is divided up into different zones so one minute you are in a desert like climate and there are all these cacti and I mean there was a lot of cacti, then you walk through a set of doors and you enter a rainforest like zone where there was a giant pond that had fish and water lilies in it which were nice. Oh and there was a cacao tree with the pods from which we get chocolate. Sadly it was too far back and out of my reach. It would have made a great souvenir, plus chocolate.

The second greenhouse I went in had full-blown trees that towered over you, not just plants, and an aquarium downstairs which was unexpected but pretty cool.  Sadly the experience was ruined by a bunch of screaming little brats running around on a school trip. I lost count of the amount of times they almost ran into me.

Then after a walk through some garden where they had bonsai trees it was on to the pagoda where I had to spend about ten minutes sat on a bench clearing some space in the memory of my camera because it was full and a bit of lunch.

After the pagoda it was around the lake,  where there were some ducks, peacocks and other birds enjoying the nice sunny day before slowly heading back towards the exit, which was on the opposite side of the gardens.

It’s amazing when you put it like that it doesn’t sound like much but those greenhouses are really really really big and take a couple of hours to get around.