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What the world would look like without people

OK so the title is a bit of a lie because we can never what the world would look like without people, they’d be no people to look at the world and go “hmm so that’s what the world would look like without people, neat.” Well at least that’s what I would probably say if I was in a position to see such a thing somehow.

Oh and of course, in case anyone is panicking, people haven’t actually disappeared from the world. As a whole that is. People still exist and populate the world. Don’t worry. You are not alone. You’re not the last one left. If you were though it would mean the title is a lie still for as long as you exist.

With the lies of the title out-of-the-way, earlier I was looking through the news online when I came across this. An article in an online newspaper of a bunch of photographs of places that people have abandoned and nature has reclaimed over the years.

I love stuff like this, photos of long forgotten and abandoned places, it has that post-apocalyptic feel and shows what would happen to all our lovely buildings should humanity just die off.

It’s eerily beautiful how nature just moves right back in and reclaims it all if we aren’t there to push back against it. There’s probably some symbolism about the constant fight or struggle between man and nature there but I’m too engrossed in the pretty pictures.

It all just looks so peaceful. No worries about all the stresses and pressure of modern life, none of the persistent noises of cars, people, and every other bit of technology that we can’t escape. Just peaceful.

If I ever had the chance I would love to go exploring around places like that. Maybe take a book and spend a relaxing afternoon there.

Anyway just thought I would share a link to the news article so that you can check out the photographs for yourself because they really are quite something.


It’s snowing so I took some photos

It’s snowing! We actually have snow here in London!

As you can no doubt tell I am very excited by this.  And cold. Oh so very cold. But still very excited. It’s not often that I get to see snow, especially snow that settles on the ground and forms a white blanket.

In fact I can probably count the number of times I’ve seen proper snow like this on one hand which is kinda depressing because it is really pretty. And did I mention oh so cold? Because it is really cold. Although that might be more my fault for running around outside in it like a lunatic without a coat or jumper or scarf or gloves. Told you I was excited. Plus I wanted to take some photographs, I’ve put a couple of what I think are the best ones below.

My cat wasn’t though. She didn’t like it at all. She’s two and a half so today was quite literally the first time in her life that she has ever seen snow. I opened the back door to let into the garden and she just paused to look at the snow falling, probably trying to work out what it is. After a minute or so she decided to attempt to venture out into the cold but as soon as her paw touched on the snow on the ground she decided it wasn’t for her and turned around back into the house. We’ve gone through this routine several times over the course of the day, and every time it has gone the same way, me stood in the cold holding the door open for her waiting for her to make up her mind, her putting one paw in the snow and changing her mind and going back to bed.

Time for the photos! Let me know what you think of them (if you click on them you can see an enlarged version). The first set of three are of one bush while the second set of three are of another.

Writing Prompt #10 answer – My favourite photograph

Writing Prompt #10 is called ‘Favourite Photograph‘ and it asks what is your favourite photograph? Continue reading Writing Prompt #10 answer – My favourite photograph

Writing Prompt #10 – Favourite photograph

Today’s writing prompt is…


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Some pictures from the desert zone at Kew Gardens

As promised more photos of flowers, this time from the desert zone in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, and yes it was bloody hot in there just like an actual desert. Continue reading Some pictures from the desert zone at Kew Gardens

Some pictures of the Bonsai trees/plants at Kew Gardens

I promised you pictures of flowers today and, well does a tree count as a flower? We’ll just pretend that they do.

The incredible thing I learnt in the little bonsai shed at Kew Gardens is that bonsai trees and plants are just normal plants grown in special containers and looked after in a particular way, if you took them out of their special container and planted them in the ground they would grow to their normal size. I knew there was a special technique for looking after them but I thought that was because of the type of plant they are and that they were tricky to look after because of that, I had no idea they are just normal plants made mini. It makes them more impressive in my opinion. Continue reading Some pictures of the Bonsai trees/plants at Kew Gardens

Some pictures of the Gateway of the Imperial Messenger at Kew Gardens

Continuing with the photos we took at Kew Gardens the other month and this time it is Chokushi-Mon or the Gateway of the Imperial Messenger which is a fourth-fifths actual size replica of the Karamon of Nishi Hongan-ji Temple in Kyoto created for the Japan-British Exhibition held in London in 1910.

The gateway is made of hinoki wood (Japanese cypress), has a traditional copper roof, and some absolutely stunning carvings on the wooden panels. Continue reading Some pictures of the Gateway of the Imperial Messenger at Kew Gardens

Some pictures of the pagoda at Kew Gardens

Yesterday I showed you some photos of one of the peacocks at Kew Gardens (here) today it is some of the photos of the pagoda they have.

I love the architectural style of a pagoda, the multi-tiered tower with lots of eaves. The pagoda at Kew Gardens was completed in 1762, making it older than the American Declaration of Independence which is really quite impressive and somewhat surreal, at the height of the Chinoiserie craze in Europe, basically everything was Chinese inspired in terms of art, tradition, style etc. As for how tall it is, it stands at 163 feet or about 50 metres, a fair old height.

Sadly the pagoda is currently undergoing restoration until 2018 so we didn’t get to climb it or see inside, I should imagine it gives a great view from the top.

Right enough with the background information and on with the pictures. I’ll put four up here for now because several of the pictures are similar but I did take like 15-20 total because of the sunlight and trying to fit the whole thing in so if people are really interested I can put up more pics of it.
Continue reading Some pictures of the pagoda at Kew Gardens

Some pictures of one of the peacocks at Kew Gardens

The other week (or was it month? I lose track of time) we went to Kew Gardens and took a load of photos, well I’ve finally gotten around to uploading them onto my computer. Hey better later than never though.

We begin with pictures of one of the peacocks at Kew Gardens that absolutely loved the attention and waited until it got a nice big crowd around it before showing off the way only peacocks can. Continue reading Some pictures of one of the peacocks at Kew Gardens