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What’s the difference between a forest and a wood?

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Forest.

I’ve never been to a forest. I’ve been to woods, fields, and parks but not an actual forest. At least no that I am aware of.

Is there even any difference between a woods and a forest? To google!

OK so I found this on sciencing.com.

A wood is an area covered in trees, larger than a grove or a copse. A forest is also an area covered in trees, but it is larger than a wood.

That’s really helpful. Thanks for that sciencing.com. Now I’m just wondering if what I’ve been to is actually a wood, and not a grove or a copse. How are they different from each other? What’s a copse? I’ve never even heard that word before.

OK more reading.

Woods and forests have no clear delineation in scientific terms, although they are widely considered to be slightly different.

Damn you science. How could you desert me at a time like this? That is not even remotely helpful.

They are different, but only slightly different, but we’re not really sure what they are or how they are different. I think someone needs a good talking to and told to make up their mind.

Both are expanses of land covered in trees and inhabited by animals, but woods are smaller and their canopy cover significantly less dense than those of forests.

I don’t think we are going to get a better answer than that.

“A wood is a baby forest that is still growing and hasn’t had all of its canopy come in yet.”

That is now the new definition and distinction between the two. No one bring up jungles OK? Lets not go down that rabbit hole.


Things that vex me… Squirrels

Welcome back to another edition of things that vex me, the place where we rant, rave, moan, groan, and complain about all the things, big or small, that vex us in life.

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