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Some pictures from the desert zone at Kew Gardens

As promised more photos of flowers, this time from the desert zone in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, and yes it was bloody hot in there just like an actual desert. Continue reading Some pictures from the desert zone at Kew Gardens


Some pictures of the Bonsai trees/plants at Kew Gardens

I promised you pictures of flowers today and, well does a tree count as a flower? We’ll just pretend that they do.

The incredible thing I learnt in the little bonsai shed at Kew Gardens is that bonsai trees and plants are just normal plants grown in special containers and looked after in a particular way, if you took them out of their special container and planted them in the ground they would grow to their normal size. I knew there was a special technique for looking after them but I thought that was because of the type of plant they are and that they were tricky to look after because of that, I had no idea they are just normal plants made mini. It makes them more impressive in my opinion. Continue reading Some pictures of the Bonsai trees/plants at Kew Gardens

Some pictures of the Gateway of the Imperial Messenger at Kew Gardens

Continuing with the photos we took at Kew Gardens the other month and this time it is Chokushi-Mon or the Gateway of the Imperial Messenger which is a fourth-fifths actual size replica of the Karamon of Nishi Hongan-ji Temple in Kyoto created for the Japan-British Exhibition held in London in 1910.

The gateway is made of hinoki wood (Japanese cypress), has a traditional copper roof, and some absolutely stunning carvings on the wooden panels. Continue reading Some pictures of the Gateway of the Imperial Messenger at Kew Gardens

Some pictures of the pagoda at Kew Gardens

Yesterday I showed you some photos of one of the peacocks at Kew Gardens (here) today it is some of the photos of the pagoda they have.

I love the architectural style of a pagoda, the multi-tiered tower with lots of eaves. The pagoda at Kew Gardens was completed in 1762, making it older than the American Declaration of Independence which is really quite impressive and somewhat surreal, at the height of the Chinoiserie craze in Europe, basically everything was Chinese inspired in terms of art, tradition, style etc. As for how tall it is, it stands at 163 feet or about 50 metres, a fair old height.

Sadly the pagoda is currently undergoing restoration until 2018 so we didn’t get to climb it or see inside, I should imagine it gives a great view from the top.

Right enough with the background information and on with the pictures. I’ll put four up here for now because several of the pictures are similar but I did take like 15-20 total because of the sunlight and trying to fit the whole thing in so if people are really interested I can put up more pics of it.
Continue reading Some pictures of the pagoda at Kew Gardens

Some pictures of one of the peacocks at Kew Gardens

The other week (or was it month? I lose track of time) we went to Kew Gardens and took a load of photos, well I’ve finally gotten around to uploading them onto my computer. Hey better later than never though.

We begin with pictures of one of the peacocks at Kew Gardens that absolutely loved the attention and waited until it got a nice big crowd around it before showing off the way only peacocks can. Continue reading Some pictures of one of the peacocks at Kew Gardens

Went to Kew Gardens last week

OK so I’m a bit late with this but better late than never, the other Thursday I did go to Kew Gardens like I said I was planning to and I had a great time.

Over the course of the day we took over 400 photo’s (I think it was 430 something if you want a precise number for some reason) so expect a lot of photos over the coming days. What I’ve decided to do, because there are so many photo’s, is to break them up into smaller posts so one will be all the photo’s of the pagoda another will be all the photo’s from a particular greenhouse etc. It feels neater and more organised that way.

For now here’s a recap of my day.

I spent most of the day going around two of the giant greenhouses which do have names but I can’t remember right now, one of them had something to do with Princess Diana I think, because I didn’t get to go in them last time I went and bloody hell were they hot inside. Now I know what you are thinking, of course they were hot inside, they’re greenhouses, that’s the point and you’re right but still.

The brilliant thing is inside it is divided up into different zones so one minute you are in a desert like climate and there are all these cacti and I mean there was a lot of cacti, then you walk through a set of doors and you enter a rainforest like zone where there was a giant pond that had fish and water lilies in it which were nice. Oh and there was a cacao tree with the pods from which we get chocolate. Sadly it was too far back and out of my reach. It would have made a great souvenir, plus chocolate.

The second greenhouse I went in had full-blown trees that towered over you, not just plants, and an aquarium downstairs which was unexpected but pretty cool.  Sadly the experience was ruined by a bunch of screaming little brats running around on a school trip. I lost count of the amount of times they almost ran into me.

Then after a walk through some garden where they had bonsai trees it was on to the pagoda where I had to spend about ten minutes sat on a bench clearing some space in the memory of my camera because it was full and a bit of lunch.

After the pagoda it was around the lake,  where there were some ducks, peacocks and other birds enjoying the nice sunny day before slowly heading back towards the exit, which was on the opposite side of the gardens.

It’s amazing when you put it like that it doesn’t sound like much but those greenhouses are really really really big and take a couple of hours to get around.

Going to Kew Gardens tomorrow!

As the title says I’m going to Kew Gardens tomorrow (weather permitting because this is England after all)!

I talked about it in my Around the World Sightseeing Tour stop 13 (check it out here) and I’m really excited. Yes I was meant to go earlier but you know how life has that horrible habit of throwing up random events that force you to change your plans at the last-minute. Plus the aforementioned English weather.

I’ve got my camera on charge ready to take lots of pictures which I’ll upload over the weekend along with a post talking about how, fingers crossed, the day was so check back for that.

Around the world with Dave – Stop 13

Welcome to around the world with your lovable and witty host, me, Dave. This is the place where I tell you all about the places around the world I hope to one day visit.

Our stop this week keeps us in the UK and brings me very close to home with some Royal Gardens in London. Continue reading Around the world with Dave – Stop 13