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Food Friday: Eat Well for Less

We are going to be doing Food Friday again, where we talk about food. It could be recipes, what we have been loving, what we want to try or maybe even the food we just always have around, anything to do with food or food shopping. Continue reading Food Friday: Eat Well for Less


Food Friday: Chocolate pots

This week, as it is nearly Christmas we decided to make nice chocolate treat. It is very easy to make and it only uses three ingredients. Perfect. Continue reading Food Friday: Chocolate pots

Food Friday

It mentioned in one of the Daily Prompts the other day that we were going to start a new feature called “Food Friday” and so here is our first one. In this feature we will write about food we have baked/cooked ourselves or food we’re loving. If you have any food you are loving or a cook/baker then feel free to share with us. Continue reading Food Friday