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It’s snowing so I took some photos

It’s snowing! We actually have snow here in London!

As you can no doubt tell I am very excited by this.  And cold. Oh so very cold. But still very excited. It’s not often that I get to see snow, especially snow that settles on the ground and forms a white blanket.

In fact I can probably count the number of times I’ve seen proper snow like this on one hand which is kinda depressing because it is really pretty. And did I mention oh so cold? Because it is really cold. Although that might be more my fault for running around outside in it like a lunatic without a coat or jumper or scarf or gloves. Told you I was excited. Plus I wanted to take some photographs, I’ve put a couple of what I think are the best ones below.

My cat wasn’t though. She didn’t like it at all. She’s two and a half so today was quite literally the first time in her life that she has ever seen snow. I opened the back door to let into the garden and she just paused to look at the snow falling, probably trying to work out what it is. After a minute or so she decided to attempt to venture out into the cold but as soon as her paw touched on the snow on the ground she decided it wasn’t for her and turned around back into the house. We’ve gone through this routine several times over the course of the day, and every time it has gone the same way, me stood in the cold holding the door open for her waiting for her to make up her mind, her putting one paw in the snow and changing her mind and going back to bed.

Time for the photos! Let me know what you think of them (if you click on them you can see an enlarged version). The first set of three are of one bush while the second set of three are of another.


A big thank you and a look ahead to 2017

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in our Christmas Writing Prompts and Christmas Countdown earlier this month and encourage everyone to go check out people’s entries for which links can be found in the comments section of each prompt/countdown.

One of the things I really enjoyed was learning about different Christmas traditions around the world and how each person celebrates Christmas. It was a bit of a surprise that the Christmas number 1 isn’t really a thing outside of the UK, pantomimes I get being a mainly UK thing, the humour and silliness of it all is very British, but I would have thought every country has a music chart and getting to the number 1 would be a thing, especially somewhere like the US. It’s a great chance for commercialism and capitalism, not like you guys to pass up such an opportunity, plus you guys go all out for the Christmas thing.

As for 2017, well we will definitely be doing a Christmas Countdown and Christmas Writing Prompts again next year (should the world still be standing and people in the UK still be allowed to use the internet), in planning for this years one we came up with some prompts and ideas we didn’t get to use this time around so we’ll use them next time.

As for the other 11 months, would people prefer each month to have a theme like Christmas in December or for just a random writing prompt each weekday?

Off the top of my head I have Halloween/horror for October, remembrance for November, travel/holidays for July and that’s basically it so if you would rather the writing prompts have a theme each month leave ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

Beyond that we have ideas for some weekly features that we are still trying to flesh out and we are going to do more stuff on weird/strange news stories we came across in the news (feel free to send us any you come across).

Of course we’d love to hear from all of you about what you’d like to see us do more on this blog.

Reminder of our Christmas fun

Hey everyone this is just a quick reminder to let you know that tomorrow, the 1st December (although that’s pretty much today now), our Christmas countdown fun begins.

Every weekday at 9am UK time we’ll be posting a special Christmas Writing Prompt with my answer/reply to them be posting at 6pm.

Megan will be posting her Christmas countdown stuff at 5pm UK time.

As always feel free to join in with the writing prompts and share your thoughts each days topic of the Christmas countdown (either in the comments on your own blog with a link).

Blog news for December

Hello all, how’s it going?

This is just to give you some news for what we will be doing on our blog throughout December and up to Christmas.

For a start we’ve come up with some special Christmas Writing Prompts that’ll we’ll be putting up each weekday until Christmas. Just one a day. You’ll be able to find these prompts and all our other Writing Prompts under the prompts category (here) and our answers to them under replies (here).

We’ve also come up with a Christmas countdown that we’ll be doing each day up until Christmas looking at various Christmasy related things like our favourite Christmas films and songs etc.

We hope you’ll check back regularly throughout December for all of this and take part.

Coca-Cola have designed selfie bottles because of course they have

Coca-Cola have invented a special bottle that takes a selfie when you take a drink because what the world is in desperate need of is more ways to take a bloody selfie.

It’s only being used at some brand festival event in Israel at the moment but you know that if it proves a hit or if there is high enough demand for it they’ll release it worldwide.  The thing that saddens me most is that I can imagine it being a hit and people around the world wanting one.

There’s no talk in the article (which is linked at the bottom of this page) about how much a bottle will cost which is bound to be more than a regular bottle of coca-cola since it has a camera.

Oh and for you selfie perfectionists out there be warned, once you the bottle is tilted to a 70-degree angle a picture is automatically taken and uploaded to Coca-Cola’s social media sites which means no deleting and taking a thousand pictures until you find the “perfect” one you desperately crave.

This is all because Coca-Cola want to get in on the selfie craze and because they think there is a gap in the market for novelty drinks. Who the hell wants a novelty drink? I drink because I am thirsty, not as a novelty. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy new and interesting flavours and mixes because I do but this selfie bottle is not that.

Go check out the story for yourself and let me know in the comments below if this is the sort thing you’d be interested in. I promise not to judge you too harshly for it.


Another old useful post I found while cleaning up the blog

Along with the rewiring your brain to happiness post I found an old post talking about effective blogging habits that I also wrote in October 2014 (so long ago now).

Of the three habits listed I have done none of them. I’ve tried out the app on my Kindle Fire tablet recently and it was OK but I’m not really a fan of typing on a tablet, it feels clumsy.

The topics thing, eh. I write about what I want to write about. I don’t want to copy other peoples ideas although I suppose it would be great to find other people who write on similar things to me so maybe I should be doing that. Of course I’m too lazy to actually read. Words are like difficult and I have to move my eyes and just ugh.

The final thing it said was an editorial calendar which really really really strikes a cord with my OCD side. Making a calendar with pretty colours, lists, organisation, charts, it’s just heaven to me and it’s one that I actually tried. I opened up excel and actually made a little blogging schedule for myself but then my procrastinating side kicked in and it all fell apart.

On the plus side I do at least have a sort of blogging schedule in my mind that I’d like to try to stick to even though I don’t that often. I’ve been tempted to do like a blog post on like a Sunday or Monday saying all the things I’d like to write/post that week because if I tell/show people my plans I’m better at sticking to them because of the shame and embarrassment of not sticking to it. Of course the usual procrastination issues would probably kick in and ruin it but maybe its the way to go. A step down from a full editorial calendar.

If you want to check out the original post click here.

Found an old post I wrote on rewiring your brain for happiness

Since we decided to change the blog name I’ve been going back over all the old posts on this blog and basically cleaning things up (I’m not done yet because there are a lot of posts on here) and I came across one I wrote in October 2014 (I didn’t realise I had been writing on this blog for so long) about rewiring your brain to happiness.

The idea is that you can rewire your brain to happiness in just 21 days if you recall 3 things you are grateful for each day. Now that sounds like a really nice idea, who wouldn’t want to rewire their brain to happiness and in just 21 days as well. That’s three weeks, not the longest amount of time. All with very little effort on your part as well.

At the time I said I was going to try it, because well why not, who doesn’t want a happy brain? But I never got around to it. Mainly because I forgot and because I can’t think of 3 things I’m grateful for each day (I know that’s terrible what with living in the west with a comfortable life and all) but mainly it was the forgetful thing.

I would say I’m going to try it again now that I remember about it but I won’t. I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and will have completely forgotten about it.Besides I’m happy enough already.

You can check out the original post here and if you do decide to try it let me know how you get on. Do you feel any happier?

Decent night at the football (Chelsea vs Bristol Rovers)

So I was originally going to write this last night but by the time I got home I was just so tired and my feet hurt that I had something to eat and went to bed.

We won the match 3-2 (we’ve uploaded our match review here if you want to watch) so its not all bad. You can’t be too upset when your team win and progress to the next round, but the team of the performance wasn’t great.

I forgot how much I hate the travel to the ground and back. Packed buses, packed tubes and then with the current heat its just horrible. It’s so hot and sweaty and sticky and smelly and yuck. You get to the ground and you are covered in sweat and then you have to sit surrounded by people for two hours before going back underground again to get on a tube. It’s just horrible. By the time you get home you just want to collapse.

If only I could live five minutes from the ground I would be so happy. Well no not really the traffic on matchdays would be a complete nightmare but close enough to be able to walk there and back would be nice.

Change of blog name

Just a quick note to say that we have changed our blog name (again) because we weren’t happy with the last one and didn’t feel it represented properly what we wanted our blog to be about so we have changed the name from Vexing Point to Our Random View.

As part of this name change we are going to write more on current events, the news, things going on in the world (which admittedly one could call current events), little diary pieces, movie/TV shows reviews, and just random thoughts and opinions we have while also still doing the daily prompt and writing prompts etc. Don’t worry we will continue to do so in a lighthearted way while actually trying to be interesting and informative.

Getting just the right blog name is really really difficult but we our happy with this one because it does what it says on the tin, it allows us to give our view on whatever comes to mind at that moment.

Off to the football to see Chelsea vs Bristol Rovers

Woo I’m off to the football tonight to see Chelsea vs Bristol Rovers. I’ve just finished getting changed and am just sat with a few minutes to kill before its time to leave and thought a short blog post would help pass the time.

On our football YouTube channel we did a preview of this match (watch it here) if you are actually interested on our thoughts on the match but to sum it up I’m predicting a Chelsea win. I really hope so otherwise I will be coming home disappointed and after the summer the England national football team put me through and Chelsea last season, I’m not sure I can take anymore disappointment in football.

It’s the first football match of the season that we are going to and I am really looking forward to it. I like late night kick offs, the floodlights coming on just as things get dark and I love the live atmosphere. It never feels as loud or as captivating when you watch it on TV as actually being there. It’s so much easier to get caught up in all the singing, shouting, and chanting, and all the emotions of a match when you are actually there experiencing it with thousands of other people who are all going through the exact same thing you are. Not to say I don’t sit and shout at the TV when I watch football at home because I do, but at a match, inside the ground, you just get caught up in something. There’s something special about being a match that you miss on TV.

And now it is time for me to leave. Come on Chelsea!