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My response to the Daily Prompt titled Bubble.

I recently bought some special cat bubbles. For my cat obviously. If they were for me I would have just bought some normal ones.

I think they use different chemicals in the formula so they don’t make a cat ill, plus they pop straight away, they will actually settle on the ground or whatever they land on for a little.

My cat loved them. They work just like normal bubbles, get the little stick thing wet and blow. She was going mad chasing them around the garden, jumping up in the air trying to catch them, pouncing on ones that landed on the ground. It was brilliant. If you have a cat I would highly recommend trying them.

The best bit was when got stuck to her paw. She picked it up off the ground and it just sort of stuck to her, she kept shaking her paw trying to get it off, doing that thing where they walk backwards away from something.

Like I said it was brilliant and I would highly recommend it. Now the weathers turned nice I should probably buy some more.


It’s snowing so I took some photos

It’s snowing! We actually have snow here in London!

As you can no doubt tell I am very excited by this.  And cold. Oh so very cold. But still very excited. It’s not often that I get to see snow, especially snow that settles on the ground and forms a white blanket.

In fact I can probably count the number of times I’ve seen proper snow like this on one hand which is kinda depressing because it is really pretty. And did I mention oh so cold? Because it is really cold. Although that might be more my fault for running around outside in it like a lunatic without a coat or jumper or scarf or gloves. Told you I was excited. Plus I wanted to take some photographs, I’ve put a couple of what I think are the best ones below.

My cat wasn’t though. She didn’t like it at all. She’s two and a half so today was quite literally the first time in her life that she has ever seen snow. I opened the back door to let into the garden and she just paused to look at the snow falling, probably trying to work out what it is. After a minute or so she decided to attempt to venture out into the cold but as soon as her paw touched on the snow on the ground she decided it wasn’t for her and turned around back into the house. We’ve gone through this routine several times over the course of the day, and every time it has gone the same way, me stood in the cold holding the door open for her waiting for her to make up her mind, her putting one paw in the snow and changing her mind and going back to bed.

Time for the photos! Let me know what you think of them (if you click on them you can see an enlarged version). The first set of three are of one bush while the second set of three are of another.

Writing Prompt #58 – Cat sized elephant or elephant sized cat

Today’s writing prompt is…



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Just how dangerous is a cat bite? Bad news cat owners

Earlier on when I was surfing through the Daily Mail website I came across an article titled:

“Being bitten by your CAT is much more dangerous than you think: A feline’s fangs inject bacteria deep under the skin and can even cause sepsis”

At first I thought it might be a bit of a bombastic headline, it’s a newspaper after all, they love big flashy headlines to grab your attention (although I suppose that applies to blogs as well), and it’s the Daily Mail who have a bit of a reputation for going over the top and fearmongering. Still as a cat owner I thought it was important to take a read, my cat is very playful and does go to bite a lot, she also loves chewing and gnawing on things.

The information in the article is quite terrifying. Apparently because cat’s have pointed sharp teeth that are perfect for small piercing bites that draw blood mixed with the bacteria that they (and all other animals) have in their mouths there is a high risk of getting infection.

Clean it out thoroughly, go to a doctor, get a tetanus jab and some antibiotics and normally you are alright.

Not always however as happened to the person in the article (and about 14 per cent of cases) as it can lead to cellulitis, which the article says is a bacterial infection of the deeper layers of skin and underlying tissue which most people recover from with antibiotics but if you are unlucky can turn serve and life-threatening.

I am one such person unlucky enough to actually have suffered from severe cellulitis many years ago which put me into hospital for about a week, I do not want to repeat that. It was not pleasant. It didn’t help that it was at Christmas either although I didn’t get it because of a cat bite.

It can also lead to fingers having to be removed or losing movement in fingers. Again neither of which are very pleasant.

The danger is that because the wound caused by cat bites are normally quite small and draw very little blood most people don’t think that there is a danger or risk and so ignore it. To which I can safely say that I will never ignore any cat bite in the future, I don’t want to run the risk of infections or losing fingers. I might also stay away from my cat for a bit, I think she is looking at me funny.

Go check out the article yourself and pass it along to any cat owners and lovers you know. It might just help them.

Daily Prompt: I’d Like to Thank My Cats

Today’s daily prompt is called I’d Like to Thank My Cats and it asks;

You are receiving an award –- either one that already exists, or a new one created just for you. What would the award be, why are you being honored, and what would you say in your acceptance speech?

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