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Daily Prompt: ( YAWN )

Today’s daily prompt is called ( YAWN ) and it asks;

What bores you?

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‘What type of writer should you be?’ Quiz

Another day, another quiz. Only this time it’s one that could actually be useful! I know shock horror right?

I’d like to be a writer someday but then the question is what kind? Well luckily there is a ‘what type of writer should you be?’ quiz to help you answer that question. Continue reading ‘What type of writer should you be?’ Quiz

‘The Scribble Circle Test’ Quiz

Can a scribble circle reveal anything about your personality? You know other than you will do absolutely ridiculous things when you are bored or trying to come up with an idea of something to write.

Let’s find out with ‘The Scribble Circle Test’. Why do I do this to myself? Continue reading ‘The Scribble Circle Test’ Quiz

‘What colour is your aura?’ Quiz

Have you ever wondered what colour your aura is? Well I haven’t, I’m not even sure what an aura is and if I even have one, but I was bored and I love trying these quizzes to see just how accurate they are at guessing my personality.

So here it is, a what colour is your aura quiz. Continue reading ‘What colour is your aura?’ Quiz

‘What personality disorder are you?’ quiz

Personality disorders are no laughing matter, they are very serious, and should be dealt with by professionals. That’s enough of a warning right?

OK so some bright spark has made a quiz to see what personality disorder you are, although surely that should be what personality disorder you have but whatever. Let’s do this. Continue reading ‘What personality disorder are you?’ quiz

It’s time to try “The Strengths and Weaknesses Test”

After having fun with the ‘What’s your Hidden Talent’ quiz yesterday I decided to try another quiz. This time it’s a strengths and weaknesses test because I think it’s important to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Continue reading It’s time to try “The Strengths and Weaknesses Test”

“What’s your hidden talent?” quiz

It’s been a while since I’ve done a silly little internet quiz and when I saw one about learning what my hidden talent is, well how could I resist? Who doesn’t want to know their hidden talent? Continue reading “What’s your hidden talent?” quiz