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What is a rebel anymore?

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Rebel.

What is a rebel anymore? What does it mean to be a rebel in 2018? Continue reading What is a rebel anymore?

The games I voted for on Steam Greenlight and made it

Vexed Gamer

As I said I would do the other day here is a list of all the games I voted for on Steam Greenlight that now have a store page. It is a lot more than I thought.

And yes I still plan to pick up, play through, and review as many of them as possible, which order I do that is up to you so leave suggestions in the comments below.

It doesn’t matter how good or bad the reviews of the games are, if people want to see me play/review them I will. Even if it results in me banging my head against the wall crying about how bad they are.

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A post written on my tablet using the WordPress app

As the title suggests this is me testing out the WordPress app out on my tablet to see how well I can write a post on it.

The answer is so so. I’m not a fan of touchscreen keyboards but I am a fan of being lazy and lying in bed and this app allows me to be in bed and blog at the same time so that’s a win. It has another advantage in that their are fewer distractions as well. Downside is the typing is a bugger but I’m not doing too badly although the autocorrect is helping a lot, I can’t imagine how bad it’d be if I was typing words it didn’t know. Also I have no idea how to use link’s on here.

That’s funny the default spelling for link was Link with a capital L as in Link from The Legend of Zelda. I wonder why that is.

I might use this app to write some short posts of thoughts and musings I have while I’m chilling in bed because I find that’s when I have most of my best ideas which I normally forget by the time I find pen and paper or make it to my PC. Would that sort of thing interest people?

Now where is the publish button?

Fact of the Day: 800th anniversary of Magna Carta

Today (15th June 2015) is the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta which makes it perfect for today’s fact of the day. Continue reading Fact of the Day: 800th anniversary of Magna Carta