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Writing Prompts for the week starting 24/04/2017

The theme for this week’s writing prompts is going to be stationery because this week is National Stationery Week and who doesn’t love a nice pen?


Writing Prompts for the week starting 03/04/2017

Just a quick heads up to let you all know that the theme for the writing prompts this week will be comedy, jokes and pranks because Saturday was April’s Fools Day and well I’m sure you can see the connection.

A big thank you to everyone who takes part and if you had any prompt suggestions or theme suggestions leave them in the comments below.

Writing prompts for the week starting 27/03/2017

For the writing prompts this week we are revisiting the theme of Would You Rather because they are always fun and can throw up some interesting scenarios.

The first one for this week can be found here and if you have any would you rather questions that you think would make for a good/fun writing prompt to leave it in the comments.

Writing Prompt favourites week is at an end and a look ahead to next week

Now that favourites week with the writing prompts is at an end what would people like to see next week?

Should the week starting 23/1/2017 have a theme or would people prefer no theme and the prompts be unconnected each day?

If people want a theme I’ve come with some history theme/related prompts so could go for a history theme for the week but if people have other suggestions let me know in the comments below and I’ll do my best to come up with some prompts for it over the weekend.

Also feel free to submit any prompt ideas you have as well be it for the history theme idea or just a good prompt idea you have.

Writing prompts for the week of 9/1/2016

Just a quick note to say that all the writing prompts for this week will be would you rather questions, I’ve found five that I think are good ones but if you have any suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below and I might change the order about.

A big thank you and a look ahead to 2017

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in our Christmas Writing Prompts and Christmas Countdown earlier this month and encourage everyone to go check out people’s entries for which links can be found in the comments section of each prompt/countdown.

One of the things I really enjoyed was learning about different Christmas traditions around the world and how each person celebrates Christmas. It was a bit of a surprise that the Christmas number 1 isn’t really a thing outside of the UK, pantomimes I get being a mainly UK thing, the humour and silliness of it all is very British, but I would have thought every country has a music chart and getting to the number 1 would be a thing, especially somewhere like the US. It’s a great chance for commercialism and capitalism, not like you guys to pass up such an opportunity, plus you guys go all out for the Christmas thing.

As for 2017, well we will definitely be doing a Christmas Countdown and Christmas Writing Prompts again next year (should the world still be standing and people in the UK still be allowed to use the internet), in planning for this years one we came up with some prompts and ideas we didn’t get to use this time around so we’ll use them next time.

As for the other 11 months, would people prefer each month to have a theme like Christmas in December or for just a random writing prompt each weekday?

Off the top of my head I have Halloween/horror for October, remembrance for November, travel/holidays for July and that’s basically it so if you would rather the writing prompts have a theme each month leave ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

Beyond that we have ideas for some weekly features that we are still trying to flesh out and we are going to do more stuff on weird/strange news stories we came across in the news (feel free to send us any you come across).

Of course we’d love to hear from all of you about what you’d like to see us do more on this blog.

Reminder of our Christmas fun

Hey everyone this is just a quick reminder to let you know that tomorrow, the 1st December (although that’s pretty much today now), our Christmas countdown fun begins.

Every weekday at 9am UK time we’ll be posting a special Christmas Writing Prompt with my answer/reply to them be posting at 6pm.

Megan will be posting her Christmas countdown stuff at 5pm UK time.

As always feel free to join in with the writing prompts and share your thoughts each days topic of the Christmas countdown (either in the comments on your own blog with a link).

Blog news for December

Hello all, how’s it going?

This is just to give you some news for what we will be doing on our blog throughout December and up to Christmas.

For a start we’ve come up with some special Christmas Writing Prompts that’ll we’ll be putting up each weekday until Christmas. Just one a day. You’ll be able to find these prompts and all our other Writing Prompts under the prompts category (here) and our answers to them under replies (here).

We’ve also come up with a Christmas countdown that we’ll be doing each day up until Christmas looking at various Christmasy related things like our favourite Christmas films and songs etc.

We hope you’ll check back regularly throughout December for all of this and take part.

Just how dangerous is a cat bite? Bad news cat owners

Earlier on when I was surfing through the Daily Mail website I came across an article titled:

“Being bitten by your CAT is much more dangerous than you think: A feline’s fangs inject bacteria deep under the skin and can even cause sepsis”

At first I thought it might be a bit of a bombastic headline, it’s a newspaper after all, they love big flashy headlines to grab your attention (although I suppose that applies to blogs as well), and it’s the Daily Mail who have a bit of a reputation for going over the top and fearmongering. Still as a cat owner I thought it was important to take a read, my cat is very playful and does go to bite a lot, she also loves chewing and gnawing on things.

The information in the article is quite terrifying. Apparently because cat’s have pointed sharp teeth that are perfect for small piercing bites that draw blood mixed with the bacteria that they (and all other animals) have in their mouths there is a high risk of getting infection.

Clean it out thoroughly, go to a doctor, get a tetanus jab and some antibiotics and normally you are alright.

Not always however as happened to the person in the article (and about 14 per cent of cases) as it can lead to cellulitis, which the article says is a bacterial infection of the deeper layers of skin and underlying tissue which most people recover from with antibiotics but if you are unlucky can turn serve and life-threatening.

I am one such person unlucky enough to actually have suffered from severe cellulitis many years ago which put me into hospital for about a week, I do not want to repeat that. It was not pleasant. It didn’t help that it was at Christmas either although I didn’t get it because of a cat bite.

It can also lead to fingers having to be removed or losing movement in fingers. Again neither of which are very pleasant.

The danger is that because the wound caused by cat bites are normally quite small and draw very little blood most people don’t think that there is a danger or risk and so ignore it. To which I can safely say that I will never ignore any cat bite in the future, I don’t want to run the risk of infections or losing fingers. I might also stay away from my cat for a bit, I think she is looking at me funny.

Go check out the article yourself and pass it along to any cat owners and lovers you know. It might just help them.