Throwing a tantrum

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Tantrum.

Tantrum. The thing that Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has been throwing all season and the thing that ruined our season.

Yes we know, you weren’t happy with the board and the lack of the signings they made, but you should have got on with the job, you still had some good players in your team.


My response to the Daily Prompt titled Bubble.

I recently bought some special cat bubbles. For my cat obviously. If they were for me I would have just bought some normal ones.

I think they use different chemicals in the formula so they don’t make a cat ill, plus they pop straight away, they will actually settle on the ground or whatever they land on for a little.

My cat loved them. They work just like normal bubbles, get the little stick thing wet and blow. She was going mad chasing them around the garden, jumping up in the air trying to catch them, pouncing on ones that landed on the ground. It was brilliant. If you have a cat I would highly recommend trying them.

The best bit was when got stuck to her paw. She picked it up off the ground and it just sort of stuck to her, she kept shaking her paw trying to get it off, doing that thing where they walk backwards away from something.

Like I said it was brilliant and I would highly recommend it. Now the weathers turned nice I should probably buy some more.

Parallel Worlds!

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Parallel.

Yay a prompt that gives me a chance to springboard to one of my absolute favourite topics. Parallel worlds, multiverse, and philosophy.

I have so many books on this subject.

This is the basic idea that there are an infinite number of parallel worlds/universes, which in turn means each infinite possibility is possible and will exist somewhere in one of them.

So there will be a parallel world/universe in which God is real. In fact there will probably be several in which that is the case. Odin, Thor, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Zeus, and co will be real in others. There might even be some where they all exist together.

Of course we can get more mundane with it. There will be a world where you flipped a coin and it was heads instead of tails, where you went out instead of staying in, and things like that, but why think small and mundane when we are talking about infinite possibilities?

Then there’s the paradox that if there are an infinite number of possibilities and these infinite number of possibilities exist across these infinite number of parallel worlds, then one such possibility is that parallel worlds, the multiverse does not exist. So there is an infinite number of possibilities and one of these possibilities is that actually there isn’t an infinite number of possibilities and in one of these parallel worlds, parallel worlds do not exist.

If I could I would love to travel between parallel worlds like in the TV show Sliders. I would try to track down the best possible version of myself and then take his place.