Never had a mentor

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Mentor.

I have never had a mentor and I don’t know anyone who has.

It’s one of those things you hear people talking in TV shows and films, how one character was a mentor or teacher for another, or in the media by politicians and those types, how they want to set up mentoring programs or encourage mentoring.

But nope. Not real life.

It’s just a hollow talking point to spin some good PR.

The tide

My response to the Daily Prompt titled Tide.

There are few things more relaxing in life than relaxing while watching/listening to the tide flowing in and out. I suppose that’s why they put it on lots of relaxation and sleeping aid soundtracks. It has a very hypnotic quality.

I’m feeling, well not relaxed but certainly less stressed, just thinking about the tide coming in and out with that whooshing sound it makes.

Serial mistress, 47, who’s had sex with 100 married men says she doesn’t feel guilty

So this story took place on This Morning this morning (ha!) and then made it into the papers.

All I have done so far is read the headline:

‘Homewrecker!’ Serial mistress, 47, who’s had sex with 100 married men is slammed by This Morning viewers for saying she DOESN’T feel guilty

My response?

That’s kinda stating the obvious. If she felt guilty she wouldn’t have slept with 100 married men! She clearly likes and enjoys it. To each their own I suppose but I get why others are calling her a homewrecker because, well she probably has wrecked a few homes.

If it was like say half a dozen men I could be like, maybe she didn’t know they were married when she slept with them or maybe they are in really really awful unhappy relationships so she didn’t feel guilty for that reason.

Not 100 though. What are the odds that she didn’t know all 100 were married? Equally what are the odds all 100 married men were in awful unhappy relationships? Leaving aside any marriage jokes naturally.

Should I read the article and see what she said or is the headline enough?

To preserve my sanity i think I’m gonna pass. She doesn’t feel guilty, that’s her choice and her right, nothing is going to change that I don’t think.