Writing Christmas Cards (Christmas Special 2017 Writing Prompt #5 answer)

Christmas Special 2017 Writing Prompt #5 is called ‘Christmas Cards‘ and it asks if you send/receive Christmas cards?

No and I haven’t done for years.

When I was a kid and in Primary School I used to send Christmas Cards to everyone in my class and they did likewise. I suppose it’s like how every kid in class goes to everyone else’s birthday parties at that age.

It used to be fun going shopping and picking out the box of Christmas cards you want to send that year, I always went for silly jokey ones, with a variety of four or five different cards in it.

You’d get the box home, open it up and then start sorting the cards out into little groups trying to work out who got which card and what I’d write in it. I used to spend hours doing that. Simpler times.


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