That Christmas feeling (Christmas Special 2017 Writing Prompt #4 answer)

Christmas Special 2017 Writing Prompt #1 is called ‘It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas‘ and it asks when does it begin to feel like Christmas to you?

On the one hand I could say as soon as Halloween finishes, it’s when shops begin to put up their Christmas decorations and bring out all their Christmas items and goodies. Although a couple of times I’ve actually seen them doing that on Halloween itself, guess they were in a rush and wanted to be the first shop around to have their Christmas crap out.

And I suppose because all the shops have their Christmas stuff out, people start talking about Christmas. When they are going to do their shopping, what they are going to get so and so, going “oooh look they have out my favourite treat that I can only buy at Christmas time, gimme gimme gimme,” or worst of all they start talking about Christmas songs.

For me however Christmas doesn’t start until December (it’s the reason why these Christmas Writing Prompts didn’t start until December). The reason why it doesn’t feel like Christmas until December for me is because my birthday is in late November, so November for me is Guy Fawkes Night and my birthday.

In my mind the months of October to January are Halloween, my birthday, Christmas, and getting the year wrong whenever I have to sign anything or write the date.

Even then though things don’t feel that Christmas like at the start of the month. It’s just the point where I will begin to tolerate and acknowledge it.

Give the prompt a go yourself and remember to either link back to it or leave a link in the comments below so everyone can check it out.

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