Why I didn’t do any pumpkin carving (Halloween Horror Writing Prompt #27 answer)

Halloween Horror Writing Prompt #27 is called ‘Pumpkin‘ and it asks if you carve pumpkins for Halloween?

I have carved pumpkins in the past for Halloween but it’s not something that I do every year.

I was planning to do it this year, I was going to buy four or five pumpkins so that I could try out a bunch of different carving ideas that I had and then take some photos of them and post on here but I never got around to it.

Part of the problem was that when I did finally get around to going to the shops to buy pumpkins the only ones left were small and crappy looking that I left them with plans to go to a different shop buuuuut that never happened.

Oh well, I’m not very good at pumpkin carving anyway and this way I don’t have to worry about cleaning them up.


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