The fictional world I want to live in (Writing Prompt #77 answer)

Writing Prompt #77 is called Fictional World and it asks if you could live in any fictional world, what fictional world would you live in?

I would choose to live in the world of…

You know it’s actually quite difficult. The world of Batman? Then you have to worry about the Joker, Bane, Two-Face, the Riddler and more. I don’t know how long I’d last in such a world to be honest. Knowing my luck I’d be the first person the Joker runs into when he’s about to start his next rampage.

The Marvel universe? But then you have the same sort of as with Batman’s world. Mad and bad people with superhuman abilities. Sure there are superheroes but they aren’t there all the time, just watch a superhero movie and look at all the destruction that goes on. No thanks.

The Mass Effect universe? Then you have to worry about Reapers culling the galaxy. Let’s not mention Andromeda mess.

The Game of Thrones world? There’s dragons and the walking dead to contend with. Plus no electricity, central heating, Tv or internet. Sure there is sword work to practice and archery but overall it looks like a bit of a grim life.

You know I don’t think I want to live in another/world universe. This one isn’t that bad. Well at least not yet, there’s still time I suppose.


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