My fictional swap (Writing Prompt #78 answer)

Writing Prompt #78 is called Fictional swap and it asks if you could take any fictional character and put them into another fictional world, what character and world would you choose?

I’d take a Predator from the Predator series and stick it into the world of Sherlock Holmes to give Holmes a challenging case, the case of the invisible hunter, or something to that effect. Although admittedly it doesn’t seem like much of a fair fight. The Predator has lasers, can turn invisible, and all other kinds of stuff. Holmes has what? Watson? A drug problem? Still though imagine the final showdown between Holmes and the Predator. Perhaps that drug problem could be what helps Holmes wins! It allows him to see the predator or it could confuse the Predator’s sensors. Of course if only Holmes can see the Predator because he is high in drugs no one is going to believe him, they’ll think that he has finally snapped.

Another option would be to put the Doctor into the world of Westeros from Game of Thrones, how quickly do you think he could solve the problems they’re having? I bet he could get Dany onto the Iron Throne without need for war which would save how many lives?

Or the Doctor going up against the White Walkers. Maybe they have some ancient dispute with humans that the Doctor could help solve. It’s a very Doctor thing to do.

How about Thomas the Tank Engine in something like the Hellraiser series or some other horror franchise. A frightening world where people are grotesquely fused with trains, their faces stretched across the front, fully aware and conscious of what has happened to them, no longer having a body, constantly feeling cold, being used as a train, crying and begging for death every night.

I’m going to stop this exercise now before I conjure up more terrifying images. I’m never going to view Thomas the Tank Engine in the same way.


Give the prompt a go yourself and remember to either link back to it or leave a link in the comments below so everyone can check it out.

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