Am I a stationery fanatic? (Writing Prompt #66 answer)

Writing Prompt #66 is called Stationery and it asks are you a stationery fanatic?

Sadly I think the answer is yes. I love going in stationery shops and taking a good long look around.

There is just something about a nice new notebook that I absolutely love. The feel of the pages. The smell of the book. The look of it all unspoiled. I just love it.

Then there is that moment when you get your pen, preferably a nice new to go along with your nice new notebook, and you write in it for the first time. There’s that feel of the pen against the paper, the faint sound of the pen scratching on it, the smell of the ink, the sight of my writing on an otherwise blank page.

The whole thing for me is just a wonderful experience and is probably the reason I write most things by hand before typing them up.


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