To be a hero or villain (Writing Prompt #46 answer)

Writing Prompt #46 is called Superhero or Supervillain and it asks would you rather be a Superhero or Supervillain?

Being a hero is noble. Very noble. It’s also dull. Very dull.

OK sure superheroes have all kinds of super powers which are amazing but they have all kinds of boring moral codes that keep them busy and they rarely ever just use their powers for fun.

Just look at how much time they spend much time they spend fighting crime and saving lives. It would get tiring. They never get to take a day for themselves. What’s that? There’s a bank robbery going on? Too bad it’s my day off. Oh wait, no hero has ever said that.

Their moral code makes it worse.

Just look at Batman and how often he fights people like the Joker. Kill him. End him. Don’t arrest him so that he can break out and commit crimes and kill more people.

Or how about Superman? Just fly down and zap them. It’s like a 2 minute job. He’d then have the rest of the day free to just fly around and have fun, maybe go to the beach or something.

Do they get paid? Like are they employed by the city they work in? Do they rely on patreon? How do they get money to survive!

I’d definitely be a Supervillain. You get so much more freedom. You can take days off. You can use your powers for fun. Money wouldn’t be an issue, just take it. Life just seems like it would be a lot less stressful for a Supervillain.


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