What I look forward to about holidays (Writing Prompt #43 answer)

Writing Prompt #43 is called What I look forward to on holidays and it asks what do you look forward to about going on holidays?

NOTHING!!! There is nothing I look forward to about holidays!

OK that’s not true but I’m not going to say it’s stuff like not having to cook, clean etc., which I know a lot of people enjoy holidays because I don’t mind that stuff. In fact I like cooking and as for cleaning, just put on some headphones and music and it ain’t so bad.

I suppose technically the answer for this one would depend on what the holiday was. If I was going to Barcelona it might be seeing Barcelona play at the Nou Camp or spending a few hours on a beach, although there is sand at the beach and that can just be a nightmare if it gets in your clothes and it would annoy me so much that the whole trip to the beach would just be a negative in my mind.


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