My dream three course meal (Writing Prompt #38 answer)

Writing Prompt #38 is called Dream Three Course Meal and it asks what is your dream three course meal?

I find the concept of a three course meal a bit odd if I’m honest and I can’t recall ever having one, or at least a proper one like you’d get in a restaurant.

I’m not the type of person that eats dessert after my dinner. By the time I’ve finished eating my dinner I’m too full to eat anything else.

It’s the same with starters. Why would I want to fill up on food before I eat my dinner? It’d ruin my dinner.

To have a starter, main and dessert at one meal just sounds so sickly, it’s too much food.

Or is it the case of having a small portions for each part? Which in itself sounds quite frustrating. I’ve picked the main because I like the main, don’t give me a small portion of it because there’s a starter and dessert, I’ll skip those for a proper portion size thanks.

When I think of three course meals I do think of things like state banquets where everything is very decadent and indulgent which may be skewing my perception of what a three course meal actually is, but even then it all just sounds like a lot of food and I just don’t understand the idea of eating a small meal before your main meal. What is the point of a starter?

My other idea was just to say that my dream three course meal would be a beer followed by a pizza followed by another beer.


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