I love cooking (Writing Prompt #36 answer)

Writing Prompt #36 is called Do you enjoy cooking and it asks do you enjoy cooking?

I love cooking. Absolutely love it. Now that doesn’t mean I’m good at it or anything, not that I would I’m say I’m terrible either, I have a few things I’m good at making but I’m no expert.

I find cooking to be relaxing. Stood in the kitchen with the radio on as you get everything prepared, chopping vegetables, cutting meat, mixing spices before throwing it all together and seeing what comes out.

I don’t tend to follow recipes to the letter but use them as an inspiration and guide and when I get bored just start throwing in everything I have in the kitchen to see what I can create.

That’s probably what I love most about cooking. The freedom to just try things and go off script. It doesn’t always work, I’ve created some truly awful things, truly truly awful, but you can learn from those failures and come back stronger. However it’s a great feeling when the thing you were tinkering with comes out tasting great.

The only annoying that sometimes happens when I cook is sometimes after I’ve spent hours cooking and the meal is ready to eat, I’ve gone off it. I no longer want to eat the meal I’ve just spent all that time preparing. Not because it looks horrible or it’s gone wrong or anything, I just no longer fancy it or I’m no longer hungry. It was all about the enjoyment of the cooking. Don’t worry, I don’t throw the food away since that would be a waste, I either force myself to eat it or store it away for later.


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2 thoughts on “I love cooking (Writing Prompt #36 answer)”

    1. Chilli, you can go mad with that throwing in all kinds of vegetables (making it a great way to get your fruit and veg intake) and spices making it as hot and spicy as you like.

      You can also make it as a giant batch and split it up into smaller dishes to freeze for some quick and easy meals.

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