The End of the World (Writing Prompt #8 answer)

Writing Prompt #8 is called Would you rather…. The end of the world and it asks would you rather know how the world ends or when the world ends?

Neither option is great let’s be honest and it’s all slightly dampened by the knowledge that the world is going to end, which could possibly bring about the end of the human race unless we start colonising other solar systems soon.

If you know how the world ends but not when you can keep an eye out for the signs of it happening and do… Well what can you do? You’ll have the knowledge that this is potentially the event that brings about the end of the world but you can’t be sure because you don’t know when the world will end and this could just be a near miss, so all you can do is run around like a lunatic and maybe cause a bit of panic.

Compare that with knowing when the world will end but not how. You can plan out your life accordingly, you can make sure you live your life to fullest, and you get a nice surprise at the end with how the world ends.

Better yet, you could get even luckier and discover that the end of the world isn’t until like a million years in the future so it’s not anything you actually have to worry about. Knowing how the world ends doesn’t offer that kind of reassurance, you’d go to bed every night worrying about it and when you wake up in the morning it’d be the first thing you’d worry about.


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