Forward or Back in Time? (Writing Prompt #9 answer)

Writing Prompt #9 is called Would you rather… Time and it asks would you rather be able to travel forward in time or back in time?

Both share one big problem.

If you can only travel that one direction in time, either forward or back, how do you return to your original time?

If you can only travel forward in time you can’t then travel back in time to the point you started at and only being able to travel back means you can’t then travel forward to your starting point.

If that is all true this question then becomes would you rather live in the past or the future? And if that is the question I suppose I would pick the past since I know what happens and can plan accordingly, plus since I am stuck there altering time wouldn’t matter to me so much.


Give the prompt a go yourself and remember to either link back to it or leave a link in the comments below so everyone can check it out.

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