CEO or political leader? (Writing Prompt #6 answer)

Writing Prompt #6 is called Would you rather… CEO or Leader? and asks if you would rather be a CEO or political leader?

If I had the choice between being a CEO or world leader, its not even a choice for me, it’s CEO hands down all day long.

If you are a Prime Minister, President, or other political leader you have to constantly worry about elections and keeping people happy. You could have policies that are fantastic and will make life absolutely brilliant for everyone in 10 or 20 years time but until then there will be some difficulties, such policies will not keep you in power and if there is a change in government they could scrap the lot and undo all your good work.

It would be so much easier if I could be appointed Emperor for life and just get on with implementing my policies and ideas without having to worry about elections, public opinion, or political opposition. Of course that would present other issues, namely there would be no accountability and I could quite easily get drunk with power.

Then there’s also the public attention you would get with being a leading politician. The press constantly spying on you, writing about every little thing you do, twisting things to make them sound more juicy to sell papers. It’s a lot of bother.

CEO sounds a lot stressful in that regard. Better money too.


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