A big thank you and a look ahead to 2017

I hope everyone had a good Christmas, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in our Christmas Writing Prompts and Christmas Countdown earlier this month and encourage everyone to go check out people’s entries for which links can be found in the comments section of each prompt/countdown.

One of the things I really enjoyed was learning about different Christmas traditions around the world and how each person celebrates Christmas. It was a bit of a surprise that the Christmas number 1 isn’t really a thing outside of the UK, pantomimes I get being a mainly UK thing, the humour and silliness of it all is very British, but I would have thought every country has a music chart and getting to the number 1 would be a thing, especially¬†somewhere like the US. It’s a great chance for commercialism and capitalism, not like you guys to pass up such an opportunity, plus you guys go all out for the Christmas thing.

As for 2017, well we will definitely be doing a Christmas Countdown and Christmas Writing Prompts again next year (should the world still be standing and people in the UK still be allowed to use the internet), in planning for this years one we came up with some prompts and ideas we didn’t get to use this time around so we’ll use them next time.

As for the other 11 months, would people prefer each month to have a theme like Christmas in December or for just a random writing prompt each weekday?

Off the top of my head I have Halloween/horror for October, remembrance for November, travel/holidays for July and that’s basically it so if you would rather the writing prompts have a theme each month leave ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

Beyond that we have ideas for some weekly features that we are still trying to flesh out and we are going to do more stuff on weird/strange news stories we came across in the news (feel free to send us any you come across).

Of course we’d love to hear from all of you about what you’d like to see us do more on this blog.

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