Christmas countdown: Day 24- The night before Christmas

The day before Christmas, making sure you have gotten everything for Christmas Day…

… and for days after.

I think people forget that the Supermarkets and shops (except little local shops) are only shut for one day and will be open the day after and so you don’t need to empty the Supermarket of everything.

I mean, I went shopping today to get some bits for Christmas and some other stuff we just needed generally,  but I certainly was not stocking up on milk and bread and everything else for the sake of it, like I feel people do.

As for Christmas Eve, it is nice to sit back and relax waiting to enjoy Christmas day.

People have their own traditions, like putting stocking outs for the whole family, playing games, wearing matching pajamas, having Christmas parties/drinks or watching films.

So whatever you are doing this Christmas Eve, I hope you enjoy it!

We would both like to thank you all for reading and participating in the Christmas Countdown and Christmas Writing Prompts!

And lastly,

Merry Christmas!

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