My top 5 Christmas films (Christmas Writing Prompt answer #8)

Instead of just talking about one Christmas film which could be considered my favourite like the prompt asks I have decided to follow Megan’s lead set in her Christmas Countdown and do a countdown instead. Just instead of three I’ll be doing five.

(Remember to check out Megan’s top 3 Christmas films here)

Number 5 – Love Actually

A nice romantic comedy with a series of different plots, a wide variety of characters, and a great cast. Even if you don’t like one or two of the little stories or a couple of the characters there’s bound to be something you do enjoy here.

Number 4 – The Nightmare before Christmas

The story of a skeleton who tried to break out of his usual routine to try something new and bring happiness to boys and girls around the world before failing miserably and getting Santa to bail him out after he rescues him from the Bogeyman. The true spirit of Christmas.

Great songs, great animation, and great characters. An all round great film.

Number 3 – Gremlins

Another dark Christmas film, this time with those annoying but also rather amusing just please don’t visit my house, Gremlins. The two scenes that stand out in my mind are the gremlins singing Christmas carols outside a woman’s house (they weren’t very good) and all of them in the cinema singing along to Snow White. Even gremlin’s can’t resist the Christmas spirit.

Number 2 – Die Hard

Yes it is a Christmas film as I explained in posts last year (here and here).

A brave police officer foils an elaborate robbery and ends a hostage situation so that he can spend Christmas with his estranged wife and kids.

The power of Christmas.

Number 1 – Home Alone

The ultimate Christmas film and surely one that doesn’t require much explanation. Snow, Christmas music, Christmas trees, burglars and deadly traps, all in the aid to save the Christmas presents.


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