Christmas countdown: Day 19- Christmas cake

Christmas cake is a type of fruitcake served at Christmas in many countries .

In our house we have never had Christmas cake, it has always been about mince pies or a yule log cake (another popular type of cake to eat at Christmas and in some countries the traditional cake).

I had Christmas cake once, a friend gave me a slice of her family’s homemade Christmas cake which I believe had brandy in it (you can use other types of alcohol too).

A lot of effort is made when making Christmas cake as you usually make it weeks in advance. If you use alcohol, you usually pour a small amount each week onto the cake to “feed” it. Two weeks before Christmas you add marzipan to the cake, then the week before you ice it.

I suspect there are a few people that just do it the week, maybe even days before.

You can obviously make a variant of it without alcohol.

I enjoyed the one slice of Christmas cake I have ever had. You only need a little bit mind as it is very sweet.

One thing I just found out was that you can have Christmas cake with some types of cheese. I personally wouldn’t, then again I am not a big cheese lover.

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