Christmas Countdown Day 12: Top 3 Christmas Films

There are a lot of Christmas films out there and I will tell you my top 3.

This also links to today’s Christmas Writing Prompt asking what is your favourite Christmas film.

Number 3.  Arthur Christmas.

I saw this for the first time last year and it is just a nice family Christmas film. It also captures the imagination of how Santa delivers the presents to everyone and whether the children have been naughty or nice.

Number 2. Home Alone

This is a staple Christmas film. Just one that never gets old. I love the Rockin’ around the Christmas tree scene.

Number 1.  Jingle All the way

I love this film. My absolute favourite. I just love the idea of two dads fighting it out for the “it” toy that Christmas and going to extreme lengths. I was so happy to see it was on Netflix (as is Arthur Christmas) and I will be watching at some point.


7 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown Day 12: Top 3 Christmas Films”

  1. I love the movie “Bad Santa”, you cannot watch it with small kids but for me it is one of those I watch every year (if it appears on tv)

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