Christmas countdown: Day 7- Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree is a thing I enjoy doing every Christmas. 

I haven’t put my tree up yet, but I will be doing so this weekend.

We actually got a new tree this year, as the other one we have had the past few years has basically had its day. We had a white/silver tree the past few years, but we went back to having a green tree. But because we changed to a green tree, we want to get some different colour tree decorations which we need to get.

One thing I love doing is putting the Angel on top of the tree.

When do you put up your Christmas tree? What is your favourite thing about putting it up?


4 thoughts on “Christmas countdown: Day 7- Christmas Tree”

  1. I use to put an angel, but now I do other things each year. I put up my Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving cause I want to enjoy it as much as possible… Wish I could leave all my Christmas decorations up all year… Love the colors and festive look…

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