Christmas Writing Prompt answer #4 – Best present

Christmas Writing Prompt #4 is called ‘Best Present‘ and it asks what is the best Christmas present you’ve been given?

My Nintendo 64. I can’t remember how old I was off the top of my head but damn did I love that console.

It had so many great games over so many years. Perfect Dark, GoldenEye, Pokemon Snap, Turok, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, and Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire just to name a few. The latter I got with my N64 that same Christmas, I spent most of the day in front of the TV playing.

Such games as those are one of my main influences for my Bring it Back feature on my gaming blog (here).

The Nintendo 64 wasn’t my first console, that was the Sega Mega Drive and Sonic, but it definitely cemented my love of gaming.


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2 thoughts on “Christmas Writing Prompt answer #4 – Best present”

  1. I never had a Nintendo, actually I was too old for gifts like that, but my youngest had a Commodore 64 and later an Amiga. I couldn’t wait for him to go to bed in the evening, because then it was my turn. Coronis Rift, Whizzball, Boulderdassh and many others – I loved them. I never had a midlife crises, i wasn too busy discovering the computer gaming world. 🙂

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