Christmas Writing Prompt answer #3 – Worst present

Christmas Writing Prompt #3 is called ‘Worst present‘ and it asks what is the worst Christmas present you’ve been given?

Socks. I have enough of them thanks, I don’t need anymore.

In all honestly with the exception of getting clothes when I was a small child when clothes are always a disappointing gift no matter what, I don’t think I have ever really received a bad present.

The closest thing to a bad present I’ve received is probably getting a copy of a DVD or a book that I don’t particularly like (I’m not naming any here). Even then it’s not a big deal, sometimes I’ll watch the DVD or read the book to give it a second chance and then stick it on my shelf with the rest of my books and DVD’s to gather dust. Other times they go straight on the shelf. See no big deal, well except for the fact that they take up precious shelf space but that’s a different issue.

I just try to take the mindset of it is a gift. Even if it’s something that I don’t particularly like the person giving it at least tried and that’s what counts. Apparently.


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