Christmas countdown: Day 4- Christmas Cards

If you still send Christmas cards, then now is the time you usually start to buy them and start writing your list and start the process of writing them out.

I used to love buying Christmas cards. If you’re from the UK you might remember Woolworths (I miss Woolworths). Woolworths had probably the best Christmas card selection ever in my opinion.

I use to love writing out Christmas cards, I even use to write out some for my mum.

However, Christmas cards aren’t as greatly sent or received anymore. I think now everyone sends a “Merry Christmas” text or an e-card or maybe even a meme.

I think the only card I give now is to a friend who lives a couple of hours away and immediate family. Whereas years ago, I gave it to my whole class, even those I didn’t talk to. It was just what people did.

So I suppose this post is in a way about the demise of the Christmas card/a throwback to Christmas cards.

Do you still give many cards out? Do you still receive many?


6 thoughts on “Christmas countdown: Day 4- Christmas Cards”

  1. I like your post. I used to send and receive many cards. I then started to make cards for my family and friends. But sadly Christmas has lost its magic. I think I received two maybe three cards last year. This Christmas I might make cards for my immediate family or I might purchase them. Not sure. But I got a feeling I won’t find the Christmas spirit this year. Thanks for sharing this post.☺

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