Christmas Countdown: Day 2- Christmas Ads

Everyone seems to get so excited for the Coca cola advert and the John Lewis advert.

Well not me.

I only realised this Johh Lewis advert craze last year. I have seen people be excited for spoilers. Spoilers for an advert. I have seen people want to avoid it to watch with someone, you know like you do a TV drama or summer finale or a new film you promised to see together.

I watched the advert and didn’t really see anything special about it. I’m not miserable either, I really like Christmas and once it gets close I do really get quite festive and happy, so no I am not just being miserable.

As for the coca cola advert never was into that either.

The Christmas adverts I do like are for the Christmas Specials that are going to be on this Christmas time.


5 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown: Day 2- Christmas Ads”

  1. I’m right with you there. I’ve never liked the CocaCola advert, and the John Lewis and Waitrose adverts just annoy me. If I was an alien from outer space, or even a foreigner just arrived in this country, I wouldn’t have a clue what they were advertising! I really don’t understand why advertisers think these expensive adverts will make us rush to these shops and buy their products, it doesn’t work on me.

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