Christmas Countdown: Day 1- Advent Calendar

It is the 1st December, so the countdown to Christmas begins. We will be here right up until Christmas Eve with our Christmas countdown.

Day 1- Advent Calendar.

Advent Calendars are probably one of the first things I think of when it comes to the 1st December each year.

You see them in the shops from October/November time, and for me it is just a flashback to being a child.

What I find interesting now is that is the variety of advent calendars out there. By that I mean, it isn’t just chocolate, beauty advent calendars are now all the rage too.

I have also seen DIY advent calendars a lot more now, basically where there are wooden drawers to put your own little treat in.

I like the idea of DIY advent calendars as you can mix it up, but part of me likes the good old fashion chocolate advent calendar that you just get from the supermarket.You know when you spent ages deciding if you wanted a Simpsons, a Spiderman or a Barbie or whatever the biggest movie was that year advent calendar.

There are also the advent calendars like you typically get in school (well Primary School), where each day tells part of the story of the birth of Jesus. They were fun in School, as each day one person got to open the window. Although I am not always sure that the story got finished, as children break up from school before Christmas Day.

So if you have an advent calendar, whatever form, I hope you chose well and I hope you enjoy it.


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