Daily Prompt: Mythical

My response to the daily prompt titled Mythical which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

This is similar to one of my writing prompts from the other week (check it out here) where I asked what mythical creature do you most wish was real. In my reply (read that here) I said that I wish dragons were real.

The mythical flying fire-breathing kind not a big lizard like a Komodo dragon, although they are still pretty cool.

In my response then I talked about imagine how different history would be if people like Alexander the Great or Hannibal had dragons. Would Hannibal have been able to defeat Rome? What if Rome had dragons? Would they have been able to conquer Germania and expand their empire even further? Would the Rome empire have fallen to wave after wave of Barbarians if they had dragons with which to repel? Just think how different history could be.

However since I wrote that response I’ve been thinking more about a world with dragons, outside of a military aspect, and how it could have changed the course of human history.

For instance would we be as advanced as we are now if towns, villages, and cities came under periodic dragon attack? Just think of the damage a dragon would be able to cause as it swooped down raining fire on the poor people below. burning down buildings. Maybe they would burn down libraries with important knowledge. Maybe they would kill an important scientist or one of their ancestors so they are never born. Due to constant dragon attacks we constantly have to rebuild towns, rediscover knowledge, and rewrite books, all of which would slow our progress.

On the other hand we could be more advanced. Sadly it is during times of war that humanity has made some of its biggest breakthroughs, if we were under constant threat from dragon attack I’m sure people would have spent a lot of time and resources on how to combat them, what areas of research and technology could that have led us into? Because of our constant struggle against them would we have developed quicker?

Or how about town planning? How different would that be. Would villages, towns, and cities all have giant domes over them to shield them from dragon attack? Or maybe a net.

Giant domes could make towns safe but what about the roads that connect them? Travelling along a road to take goods from one town to another would leave you extremely vulnerable to dragon assault so would it be less common? What impact would that have had on trade? Exploration? Diplomacy? Would there be more inbreeding because people moved around less?

Maybe giant underground tunnels would have been dug to connect towns so that people could travel safely from one place to another without risk of dragon attack on the surface. Of course if you then have a long stretch of tunnel connecting two places eventually people will make settlements at various points along it, like happened with roads in real life, leading to the development of vast underground towns.

Or you know the dragons would just be hunted to extinction because that’s what we humans do.

Still though with just one change it is exciting to think how differently things could be. I now want to write something with dragons and underground towns and tunnels.


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2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Mythical”

  1. There is an easy solution, just adopt your own pet dragon. I am sure the kids would love to have one, and you would no longer have to pay vast sums for heating oil. You would have your own built in central heating system.

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