Coca-Cola have designed selfie bottles because of course they have

Coca-Cola have invented a special bottle that takes a selfie when you take a drink because what the world is in desperate need of is more ways to take a bloody selfie.

It’s only being used at some brand festival event in Israel at the moment but you know that if it proves a hit or if there is high enough demand for it they’ll release it worldwide.  The thing that saddens me most is that I can imagine it being a hit and people around the world wanting one.

There’s no talk in the article (which is linked at the bottom of this page) about how much a bottle will cost which is bound to be more than a regular bottle of coca-cola since it has a camera.

Oh and for you selfie perfectionists out there be warned, once you the bottle is tilted to a 70-degree angle a picture is automatically taken and uploaded to Coca-Cola’s social media sites which means no deleting and taking a thousand pictures until you find the “perfect” one you desperately crave.

This is all because Coca-Cola want to get in on the selfie craze and because they think there is a gap in the market for novelty drinks. Who the hell wants a novelty drink? I drink because I am thirsty, not as a novelty. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy new and interesting flavours and mixes because I do but this selfie bottle is not that.

Go check out the story for yourself and let me know in the comments below if this is the sort thing you’d be interested in. I promise not to judge you too harshly for it.



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