Daily Prompt: Filthy

My response to the daily prompt titled Filthy which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Hey look another prompt that has a clean and dirty meaning. Although with both the clean and dirty meanings you are still calling something dirty and disgusting. Again its one of those words that is good for comedy and word play.

As for filth itself, in terms of rubbish and mess and muck and all those kinds of things I can’t stand it. I don’t get people who can live in filthy environments. As soon as things get a little messy I have to stop what I’m doing and clean.

At uni I had a friend who got his house so filthy that it attracted rats. It was disgusting. I was always hesitant to go to his place because well for one there were rats but you were never sure where was safe to stand or sit. Food boxes, containers and wrappers everywhere, clothes, paper, stuff that I have no idea what it is because it had been living on the floor so long.

How do people live like that?

Or how about this. When I was in student halls a guy threw a pizza box with some pizza still left in it into the corner of his room, he then threw a jumper on it and forgot all about it. It was left there so long that mold started growing on his jumper. How do you leave something that long on the floor without cleaning it up?

I feel the urge to clean now. I feel filthy just thinking about it all. Keep on top of your cleaning and it will never feel like a huge task.



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