Daily Prompt: Tart

My response to the daily prompt titled Tart which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

A word that has a couple of vastly different meanings and with all the pictures of tarts, the pastry kind, on the prompt page the Daily Prompt is clearly showing what meaning they meant.

However in slang terms tart is an insult to a woman who is ‘promiscuous or dresses or acts in a sexually provocative way’ and is also used to refer to a prostitute. I actually used Wikipedia for that because my explanation was essentially a tart is a tart, a slapper, someone who is a bit easy which are more insults and not an explanation.

It’s not really an insult you heard used much anymore which is a bit of a shame because as insults go it feels less vulgar and is less harsh on the ears than something like slut or whore.

Plus if we use the word more think of all the fun we could have saying tarts are yummy or I’ll bring the tart to the party. The hijinks that could ensue from the mixed communications.


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