Daily Prompt: Bridge

My response to the daily prompt titled Bridge which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

If I had a photo of a bridge I’d taken I would post it here like I did with the tree prompt I answered the other day (here).

I mean I posted a photo of a tree I had taken at Kew Gardens back in the summer in response to the tree prompt not that I had posted a photo of a bridge in response to it, that would be weird.

Unless it was a photo of a some kind of tree bridge, which if it were I could use for both this prompt and the tree prompt sadly I do not know where any such tree bridges in London.

Does a tree that has fallen across a river count as a tree bridge? Technically it would allow you to cross the river so that would qualify as a bridge right? A natural bridge. Although if it blocked the river it would be a dam but a dam can also serve as a bridge, it blocks the river but also provides a route across it.


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