Daily Prompt: Ancient

My response to the daily prompt titled Ancient which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

I’ve been really into Ancient Rome stuff recently.

I watched that ‘Barbarians Rising‘ on the History Channel recently, which was brilliant, and it’s just sort of spiralled from there. I started reading stuff online, re-watched the BBC Rome series that’s up on Netflix, re-installed Total War: Rome 2, looked at buying some books on the subject from Amazon and then discovered last night that Netflix have their own docudrama on Ancient Rome – ‘Roman Empire: Reign of Blood’ which I’ve only just started but am greatly enjoying.

So yeah the Romans were awesome and I am disappointed about just how little I was taught about them in school. Most of my history classes were spent on the bloody Nazis.

Go study the Romans people. You won’t be disappointed.


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