Daily Prompt: Recharge

My response to the daily prompt titled Recharge which asks;

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Everyone needs a bit of recharging every now and then otherwise they run the risk of getting burnt out and jaded. Sadly with the demands of modern life, social media, and mobile phones it is becoming harder and harder to find the time and space to find the time to recharge. There is no getting away from people now.

I love the idea of going camping for a week in a nice  quiet forest with no technology to detox and recharge. Of course I don’t know the first thing about camping and I would be miserable in the cold and wet and of course having a phone in case something goes wrong actually seems like quite a good idea. Maybe this camping trip isn’t such a good idea.

Also I’ve been on a bit of a recharge myself from the daily prompt. I used to answer it near enough every day but I got a bit tired of it, a bit burnt out and jaded with it. However after not doing it for a couple of months I actually miss it. Go figure. There was something fun about just writing the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the prompt and the places that would take me. The good news is I have plenty to catch up on.



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