Writing Prompt #51 answer – Mythical creature

Writing Prompt #51 is called ‘Mythical Creature‘ and it asks what mythical creature do you most wish was real?

Dragons. Easy. Why would you want anything else? Can you imagine a world with dragons? We could train them and use them as a form of transportation. Of course it might make flying by plane somewhat risky, just imagine the news reports talking about how a jet was brought down by a dragon.

Of course it would probably have changed the history of warfare. No not probably, it would have changed the history of warfare. Animals like horses, elephants, and dogs have all been used in wars throughout history, just imagine if a general had a few dragons in their arsenal? What could Alexander the Great done with a few dragons? Or Hannibal? Or Julius Caesar? Picture the Second World War with dragons. No wait don’t do that, that’s kinda terrifying. Would Britain have won the battle of Britain if the Nazi’s had dragons?

Remember to give the prompt a go yourself and link back for all to see.


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