Writing Prompt #29 answer – Vampire reflections

Writing Prompt #29 is called ‘Vampire Reflections‘ and it asks you to create a reason for why vampires have no reflections.

The reason that vampires have no reflections is because it would be too distracting for them, they might hypnotise themselves and ultimately burn to death. Sound farfetched? Let me explain.

You are a good-looking sexy vampire happily going about your business when you catch a glimpse of yourself in a mirror. Quickly you dash back to the mirror to get another look at that sexiness. You stand there for a few hours admiring yourself unaware that you are falling under your own sexy hypnotic powers. The hours keep ticking by while you stare at yourself and fall deeper under your spell and without you knowing the sun comes up burning you to a crisp if you are unlucky enough to be stood where the can hit you. If not you stand there staring until a hunter finds you or you die from a lack of feeding.

In summary, vampires have no reflections for defensive purposes.

Remember to give the prompt a go yourself and link back for all to see.


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