Writing Prompt #27 answer – Do I believe in ghosts?

Writing Prompt #27 is called ‘Do you believe in ghosts?‘ and it asks do you believe in ghosts?

I’ve seen plenty of photos and videos claiming to show ghosts and other scary stuff and while I admit that some of them are hair-raising, unsettling and raise several questions I’m yet to see anything that puts me firmly in the believe camp. Just one piece of conclusive evidence would be nice.

The problem I have. beyond all the fake videos and stories to get views which doesn’t help matters, is why are the ghosts always human? Where are all the ghosts of cats? Dogs? Cows? Dinosaurs? If it is all about traumatic death then abattoirs must be full of cow and pig ghosts. The dinosaurs also had a pretty rough time what with most of them dying out after a meteorite strike, that sounds pretty traumatic to me. Although part of me is glad that there are no dinosaur ghosts, imagine stumbling across the ghost of a T-Rex. terrifying.

Remember to give the prompt a go yourself and link back for all to see.

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